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Do you have a busy website or a popular newsletter? Does your target audience have a lot in common with our current and potential clients? If you answered "yes" to both questions, www.ApartmentsMoscow.com would like to invite you to join our affiliate program and start making serious money with the fastest growing Internet product - travel. We don't charge for program sign up. We will quickly evaluate your site or newsletter and you are ready to go.

We give a 5% commission on all confirmed and paid group and FIT hotel bookings and 10% commission on all confirmed and paid FIT aparment bookings. Commission payments are made monthly/quarterly either by US bank check or by bank transfer once your commission reaches at least $100. We are also open to discussing other payment methods that may be convenient to you. The money becomes due to you 5 business days prior to the customer check-in date when we charge the credit card for the full amount of the stay.

Our accurate affiliate software will diligently track all visitors and sales and as long as your referral applies for, you will make a full fee. You would be able to track the status of your account in real time.

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