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Apartment trust management

Choosing a reliable trustee to manage your apartment while you are away is an issue that a lot of apartment owners have to deal with. Being away on lengthy business trips or living in another city or country, owners may find it hard to lease their apartments according to all the requirements.

Having signed the apartment trust agreement with our company, you will remain the owner of the apartment and thus you will be protected against frauds on the part of tenants by the law.

Why signing apartment trust agreement

There are a number of ways for lucky owners of Moscow flats who decided to lease their apartments themselves accepting all associated costs and inconveniences. We are glad to offer you a totally different approach: we suggest you sign a real estate trust management agreement with a legal party, which in this case is our company.

Leasing your apartment yourself you have to accept all the risks associated with choosing the tenants. It means that you may have to deal with neighbors' complaints in case your tenants' behavior is disturbing. You will also have to bear all the costs associated with renovating the apartment which can actually equal the profit from leasing the flat.

You can avoid all the inconveniences of leasing an apartment on your own and simply get the profit. You take no risks concerning either apartment or your good relations with your neighbors. Having signed apartment trust agreement with a legal party, you will enjoy all the advantages and avoid any trouble connected with leasing a flat.

Our company guarantees that:

  • You will get constant income from the apartment in lease. You can get the money personally either in our company office or we can bring it to your home. Or we can put the money monthly on your bank account.
  • We will pay the income tax for citizens of Russia, and you won't have to fill in the tax return papers and wait in queues.
  • We will become responsible for the apartment and everything that is in it at the moment the trust agreement is signed and for the whole period specified in it.
  • Your apartment will be in the ideal state as we will carry out all the maintenance at our own expense.
  • There won't be any complaints from the neighbors as the apartment will be under our control round the clock. In order to avoid any emergency situations all the bath and toilet equipment and electrical appliances will be regularly checked.
  • Every time the tenants leave the apartment will be cleaned. A maid will dust it, and vacuum it, and clean the bathroom.
  • It will be our responsibility to pay the household bills, and we will do it on time. Water, electricity, phone bills will be paid with no delay.
  • One of the advantages of signing the agreement with our company will be the fact that the flat will be insured against emergencies (e.g. flooding by neighbors).

So what is the reason for signing an apartment trust agreement with our company? That is to lease your flat, get the income and still be in good mood and have nice relations with your neighbors. To prove our words we are ready to provide recommendations from the flat owners we have been cooperating with for several years. We can also offer you a tour round the apartments we manage.

Despite all the advantages such way of cooperation is not for you? Then, we can offer you to sign a rental contract with our company.

Please contact us via email or by phone at +7 495 665 5424 to discuss cooperation conditions.