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Special Offer for Businessmen

We realize how important it is to keep the track of events when on a far away business trip. We already help you save your time by offering:

    Apartments for rent in Moscow for business trips
  • Apartments for rent in the centre of the Russian capital, just minutes away from the main business centers and government authorities;
  • Free international calls from the telephone in your apartment;
  • Free Internet access, and if you don’t have a laptop we can rent it to you;
  • Work station with a comfortable chair and all the necessary communications;
  • Free additional cell phone if needed. You will only have to pay a deposit for the telephone itself (ranging from the basic models to Android smart phones) and also for the calls made from it. We can offer you several plans for local, long-distance and international calls.

In addition we offer a number of services that you will be able to get free depending on the duration of your stay:

  • for the visit between 3 and 5 days: a transfer (to or from the airport/railway station);
  • for the visit between 5 and 7 days: 2 transfers (to and from the airport/railway station);
  • for the stay longer than 10 days: everything mentioned in the second bullet plus a personal assistant or interpreter.

Paid services for you by LandedRED:

    Special offer for businessmen from LandedRED
  • a personal assistant speaking the language you require
  • a personal interpreter speaking the language you require
  • taxi
  • car hire
  • a personal driver (hourly payment)
  • any equipment you may require for work (a laptop, a printer, adapters, etc.)
  • personal mobile WiFi router rent
  • choosing a restaurant according to your preferences
  • an office for negotiations
  • and much more...

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